Samrt Agro Fund

Samrt Agro Fund is an R&D partnership traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. It specializes in agritech investments and the growth of agritech companies. Smart Agro seeks to invest in the research and business development of companies which have the power to significantly impact our future and help transition them to independent professionally managed companies who at their core, have a unique technology with tremendous commercial promise and  economic value.

Smart Agro’s highly experienced management team has an extensive business network that supports the development of ideas and start-ups from early stage through mature companies to exit. 

Agritech – the Israeli Market

The agritech sector has seen significant growth in investments from $84 million in 2014 to $174 in 2018. The number of active companies in this ecosystem has also increased dramatically and today numbers more than 440.

With a vibrant ecosystem enjoying constant growth, Israel has established itself as a global innovation hub that advances agritech and creates numerous business opportunities.

Israel is an innovation leader thanks to

its extensive agricultural background, world-class agronomy institutions and vast experience with advanced military technology (databases, simulators and aeronautical technologies). Israel is uniquely located geographically with a diverse topography, both combining to create in a very short distance, highly different and extreme growing environments.

Numerous multi-national corporations including Temasek, Mexichem Mitsui, Bayer, ADM, ChemChina, BASF and Monsanto Syngenta have invested in Israeli agritech.

Smart Agro – Management

Smart Agro’s management has a vast business network and reputation both in Israel and globally and is highly experienced in the establishment of agritech-focused startup companies.

Erez Meltzer – Chairman of the Board

Mr. Meltzer has over 30 years’ experience as a CEO and chairman of global Israeli companies and technology startups. He is an active investor in the agritech and biomed sectors and is the main investor in Supplant Agro Project. Previously he served as CEO in companies including Netafim, Africa-Israel, Creo-Scitex and the Gadot Chemicals & Shipping Group. Presently he serves as the Executive Chairman of the Hadassah Medical Centers.  

Omri Rothman – CEO

During the past 12 years, Omri has actively been involved with agritech companies including Kaiima Bio-Agritech, Hinoman and Supplant Agro Project. He has previously served in senior executive positions in venture capital funds and high tech companies including as CFO of the Etgar venture capital fund, a $200+ M fund. Throughout his professional career, Omri has led and managed capital raising rounds, mergers and acquisitions and private offerings for Israeli corporations and overseas. He served as a member of the board of directors in public companies – Elgo Ltd., Orian Ltd. and PCB Technologies Ltd.

Limor Stoller, CPA, CFO and VP Business Development

Limor has extensive managerial experience in the agritech field. Until recently, she served as CEO of Rootility Ltd. Previously, Limor was CFO of Rosetta Green which she led to an IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and later, to an acquisition by Monsanto. Following the acquisition, she served as CFO in Israel for Monsanto. Limor also served as CFO of Nutrinia.

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