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Participates in an investment of an additional $ 168,000 in Aruga (Portfolio company)
Update regarding the completion of a round of recruitment at Agritask
Betreseeds (the company in which the partnership invested) reported the first experimental export of the first cannabis seed shipment to a foreign country
Join an investment agreement and purchase of Planaatfish shares - will invest $ 0.5 million against 3% in Planatfish
The portfolio company Suplanet has entered into a capital raising agreement through the issuance of Premier C shares in the amount of up to $ 25 million
BetterSeeds (Portfolio), in a license agreement for the use of the property right of MilliporeSigma (a subsidiary of Merck), based on CRISPR - Genetic Editing Technology

Smart Agro Investments

Smart Agro Investments is an R&D partnership traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. It specializes in agritech investments and the growth of agritech companies. Smart Agro seeks to invest in the research and business development of companies which have the power to significantly impact our future and help transition them to independent professionally managed companies who at their core, have a unique technology with tremendous commercial promise and  economic value.

Smart Agro’s highly experienced management team has an extensive business network that supports the development of ideas and start-ups from early stage through mature companies to exit. A Smart Agro portfolio company has developed a groundbreaking technology for the genetic enhancement of agricultural crops.

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