1 of 15 leading companies in gene-editing worldwide

A global leader in CRISPR technology, implementing it for use in all agricultural crops. Genetic improvement of leading agricultural crops and their genetic adaptation, with the help of unique technology, to cope with climate change and sustainable agriculture.

Latest Updates on company progress:

  • Development of delivery technology for CRISPR that facilitates its assimilation in all agricultural crops.
  • Successful editing of CowPea and successful small scale field trails.
  • Success in the production of stable cannabis hybrid seeds.
  • Purchasing of Soli seeds and merging it into the company as BetterSoli.

Funding round with a value gain of more than 3 times the investment

Breakthrough in AI and robotics for greenhouses to treat and monitor individual plants in the greenhouse. The first company to commercialize a robot that successfully replicates (bumblebee) buzz pollination in tomato greenhouses.

Latest Updates on company progress:

  • Started sales and robots supply in 2021 to COSTA in Australia, and expanded to Finland and the USA.
  • Strategic commercial partnership with BioBest (leading pollination beehives supplier).
  • ~50 robots deployed commercially.
  • Additional modules of lowering and pest detection are being launched.

One of the best inventions on 2021 by TIME magazine

Innovative approach in plant sensing and precision irrigation. By using plant sensing, AI, and accumulated data, Supplant provides farmers with climate-adaptive practices, insights, and actions that drive better decision-making.

Latest Updates on company progress:

  • Commercial launch of a sensorless API in Kenya and a pilot in India, giving irrigation recommendations.
  • Sales of million dollars in 2022 increase in sales in 2023.
  • Contract with EUA for precise irrigation of most of the date trees in the country.

Raised a round of $38m, with about X3 valuation increase

Allow fruit marketing companies to optimize yield inventory to market demand using spectral imagining and AI technology. By that reducing food loss throughout the fruits supply chain.

Latest Updates on company progress:

  • Autonomous Caliper sensor launched.
  • Yield prediction launched successfully in June 2023.
  • Distribution agreement with Sumitomo Australia. COSTA as a customer.
  • Ran a successful POC with Syngenta for tomatoes and pepper.
  • 2022 sales of hundreds of thousands of Dollars and increased in 2023.

Breakthrough agronomic intelligence SaaS platform enabling data-driven supply chain optimization, disruption mitigation, and accurate risk profiling for food & beverage and insurance companies.

Latest Updates on company progress:

  • Remote quality and yield assurance, enhancing supply chain efficiency.
  • NDVI Image Layer, enabling remote risk detection and focused field inspections.
  • Additional contracts with leading global food and beverage companies.

Plant-based boneless fish whole-cuts, replacing aquaculture made entirely out of plants. Development of worldwide innovative machinery and production process

Latest Updates on company progress:

  • Crowned “The Impossible Foods of Seafood” by Food Navigator.
  • Pilot facility operational in Israel. Scaleup started and increased production
  • Commercial launch in USA in November 2023.
  • Successful live tasting at Future FoodTech in San Francisco, FoodHack in Lausanne Switzerland, and FoodTech IL in Israel, and more.

Intelligence per-tree capabilities. Digitalization of information, at the tree level, to manage farms based on data

Latest Updates on company progress:

  • The company is active in Brazil and the US, in Citrus orchards and forestry.
  • The company allows large-scale farmers to manage their farm activity better and more efficiently.
  • Expanding its activity to Asia and into palm oil.