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Smart Agro Fund is an R&D partnership traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Smart Agro specializes in investments in Agri-tech Startups. The partnership aims to generate value for its investors by investing in exceptional startups with research, development, and businesses with unique technology with tremendous commercial promise and economic value.

Smart Agro’s highly experienced management team has an extensive business network that supports the development of start-ups from early stages through mature companies to exit.

There's a Worldwide Problem

  • The World’s Increasing Need for Food due to the rapidly growing world population which is estimated to reach 10 billion by the year 2050. Along with continued urbanization and the dramatic rise in the standard of living in developing countries, all lead to a 30-50% increased consumption of agricultural output throughout the world.
  • Agriculture is responsible for 1/3 of the greenhouse gasses, using 38% of land and 70% of fresh water.

The Solution

investing in startups that provide solutions to worldwide problems

Precise Genetics & BioTech

  • Traits exploration and improvement via new editing technologies.
  • Increasing yield, disease resistance, and climate conditions.
  • Developing proteins from alternative sources.

Precision, biological pest & disease control

  • Interference in the ecological Systems to gain pest and disease control. Via biological solution.
  • Protect the bees & other beneficial insects.
  • Soil Restoration.
  • Precision spraying.

Financing & Insurance

  • CO2 capturing and trading.
  • Farmer’s financial management.
  • Agriculture insurance.

Supply Chain & waste reduction

  • Supply chain security for states and F&B companies.
  • Demand by customers and companies for quality, traceability, and low cost of production.
  • Food waste reduction.

Robotics, automation for lack of Manpower & bees

  • Development of methods & new systems to improve growing practices.
  • Development of sensors and big data
  • Autonomous robots for pollination and human activities in greenhouses & fields.

Soil quality, desertification & water shortage

  • Precision irrigation.
  • Advanced growing systems for optimal conditions.
  • Improving the soil’s ability to obtain nutrients like carbon and nitrogen.
  • Regenerative agriculture.

Why Invest in Smart Agro

The global agritech market is experiencing a steep growth phase, with over 300 start-up companies in Israel, Smart Agro is positioned well to gain value for investors by investing in this growing field. Also, investing in the partnership will make you partners in protecting and making the world better.

Israel is one of the world-leaders is agritech innovation, attracting numerous investments from multinational investors and corporates.

Smart Agro has a highly experienced management team with a proven track record in the agritech sector in Israel and around the world. The team knows how to improve target companies and leverage them to enhance returns for investors.

Up until now, 7 investment in leading companies in their fields were made by the partnership.

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